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This piece was originally written on Mar 27, 2016, and appeared in AliceLovers Magazine Issue 4.

I lie here at night, wondering why the world is such a scary place. The hate and violence, they frighten me. The greed and famine, they depress me. The self-centeredness, it disappoints me.

But she lies here next to me, snuggled in sweet slumber, nestled in my arms. She knows not the evils of this world. She trusts that I’ll keep her safe. This child knows only love. I envy her. I wish I could see the world through her eyes.

As I close my eyes, and pull her in tight, I’m taken away from this world. She brings me peace. Her innocence is what I fight to protect. She gives me a reason, a purpose. My purpose is her.

My love.

My girl child.



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